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DJ B-Nice

DJ B-Nice is a nightclub, bar and restaurant DJ. His DJ career began at the age of 14 but more recently, he was brought back into the scene by a good friend. After starting in smaller bars, DJ B-Nice began being more comfortable performing for a crowd and journeyed out to larger public venues. Since then, he has played for over 30 venues and continues to branch out to more. You can find DJ B-Nice in some of the most notable Jersey Shore and Hoboken bars including Asbury Park's hottest club and restaurant, Porta.

He describes his musical style as true open-format with an array of genres including EDM, house music and hip-hop influences. DJ B-Nice’s performances are vibey, high-energy and impressive. He states, “I like to challenge people with music. I’ll play a mixture of older and modern music together to create the perfect moment.” His music inspirations include OG scratch DJ's, Jazzy Jeff and Chris Villa. One of DJ B-Nice’s most notable achievements include obtaining over 1,000 Twitch subscribers in a year's time from the U.S, Canada and Australia