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DJ Finesse

How does a DJ who’s not on radio or TV do 120+ Club gigs every year since 2001? Reputation! The DJ in question has held residencies at some of NYC’s iconic nightclubs including Spa, Crobar, and the Tunnel. He’s gigged at Madison Square Garden and held down regular engagements in Las Vegas and Cancun. He’s shared billings with everyone from 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg, to N-SYNC and Rihanna — And has music featured in the blockbuster Ironman movie. But one thing he’s never done; gotten complacent. Despite everything he’s accomplished, DJ Finesse is continually striving to take both his music — and his production prowess — to the next level. DJ Finesse’s skills have regularly caught in the eyes and ears of celebrities and major artists. He has been the headline DJ at shows with 50 Cent, Rihanna, LMFAO, T.I., N-Sync, and many others. He was the featured DJ for N-Syncs MTV Awards After-Party, attended by Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, and many more — including Prince, who requested that Finesse DJ after the club was closed. Finesse was also the featured DJ and MTV’s “Millennium Bash” party; serverd as K7’s tour DJ for 3 years, and scratched for the New York Knick’s playoff song (Yes, that one was awhile back) “Go New York Go” featuring Ed Lover and Angie Martinez. He also regularly appeared on DJ Skribble’s Traffic Jamz Mix-Show on powerhouse NYC radio station HOT97. Additionally, Finesse was featured on MTV’s “Masters of the 1 & 2’s: History’s greatests DJs” compilation CD. He also appeared in the hip-hop documentary “The Freshest Kidz”; performed at Super Bowl XLII (42) opening and closing for Snoop Dogg and Bud Bowl Party; and performed scratches on Ghostface Killa’s hit song, “You know I’m no Good” with Amy Whinehouse. Finesse has always considered himself an artist — more than just a personality — which led to a natural interest in producing. In this arena, he’s had incredible success in a short amount of time. In April 2008, he produced Ghostface Killa’s “Slept on Tony” which appears in Paramount Pictures’ Ironman, and was released on Ghostface’s Greatest Hits. DJ Finesse is currently holding residencies at Gates, Crimson, and Amnesia nightclubs in NYC. He also holds monthly residencies in Tantra in St Maarten and Providence in the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City. He recently started production on his debut solo album featuring A-list artists and innovative turntablism. And for the future, Finesse will continue striving to be the best DJ and producer he can be.